Sunday, October 14, 2007

The weekend

So, this weekend was ok, I went up to northern PA to go hunting on a relative's land. It was fairly warm for deer hunting, which was kinda nice, and the main reason I go during muzzle loader season (besides the fact that normal deer season usually falls during finals). Saw 3 deer, but unfortunately they came from a little too far behind me, and so I didn't get anything.
Other than that, I didn't do much else this weekend.

In other news, I hate stupid students. Why do they think that they can get away with copying someone else's work? It's just plain stupid, and I'm not nearly as dumb as I seem.

The only other exciting thing I can think of is that the old chair of the department gave me some new equipment to use in my E&M lab, although I'm still talking to the prof about using some of it. One of the coolest things, however is a huge multimeter. Here are some pics of it, with a 24oz bottle of Mt. Dew as a size reference:

The wheels on either side of the display are to change the range of the meter, so that you can get a better degree of accuracy depending on the strength and type of measurement you are taking. I can't see any practical use for it in E&M lab, but it's cool nonetheless.

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    I'm not nearly as dumb as I seem.
    Your students must not be very bright when it comes to this stuff, because you never really seem "dumb" at all.

    Also, they should SO know better than to copy labs- that's very, very, middle/high school of them.