Sunday, October 7, 2007

First Post W00t

So, I now have a blag. With any luck, I'll be taking better care of it than I did of my LJ...

Anywho, for some reason traffic was crazy in MD today, I don't understand it. Going to and coming back from Mel's parents was just stupid traffic-wise and then coming back to Philly was kinda crazy until I got outta MD. Other than the area where DelDoT is being idiotic, of course. A few miles before the place where 95, 495, and 295 split from each other, they have signs up saying that the 2 left lanes are closed, and that everyone should merge. They even have a large blinky arrow; what they don't have, however, is the 2 left lanes closed, that happens after the split. they do the same thing about a mile later, except with the 2 right lanes, that also happens after the split (on 295 though). So the whole area is filled with confused drivers who don't know where they should be going, and so seem to just go slowly for no other reason than to piss me off.

That seems enough for now, we'll see what else I deem worthy of writing down (so to speak) in the next few weeks, which will probably determine whether I keep this going or not.

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