Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Surprises can be nice

So, apparently there was an error made when scheduling the tutors, and I am not going to be tutoring from 3 to 5 on Wed., but from 1 to 3 on Wed. This works out much better, since we can now put Solid State back to the original time of 4.30, which works out a lot better than 5.
I also think I might be picking up some Solid State too, although I am still having problems with the assignments.

Additionally, while talking to the TA who taught E&M lab last year, the old chair asked if I wanted some equipment for the lab that he procured while he was chair. It seems nifty enough, especially the huge multimeter (probably about 2 feet or so tall), although I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it. Regardless of whether or not I can use it, I will have to figure out where to store it, since the room I use for lab is also being used for my Quantum and Stat. Mech. classes, and there is already a lot of junk in the room. With any luck, though, I'll be able to get at least one experiment out of it to replace the old Current Balance lab that is missing equipment.

Quantum worked out fairly well today also, with the prof throwing out a problem that the old prof had assigned, due to the fact that none of us could do it, and it's been weeks. This means that I have now turned in all of the assignments to date. The homework we got back today was nice as well, since the prof couldn't get the correct answer for one of the problems, so he gave us all 100%'s for it, even though he was fairly convinced that none of us did it correctly.

So, all in all, it seems like it's been a fairly good day, and I'll probably spend most of the rest of it playing Jade Empire, which also seems quite good so far.

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