Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesdays = Good

So, Tuesdays are usually good anyways, but today is even better. I wanted to get in early so that I could look and see if there are any labs that I could possibly do instead of current balance in the E&M lab. So, I looked at some handouts on the CD that came with the equipment, and decided that the only one that would definitely cut it isn't so good. So I went to waste some time in the computer lab and see if I could find anything online regarding E&M labs. No luck there, but I did check my email, and saw that class was canceled for today, but the prof would be in the rest of the day (just not during class) if we had any questions. So I went back to my office to spread the good news and work on the homework for that class. I did some work, talked to the prof a couple times, and then was home by 12.30.

Yesterday wasn't nearly as nice. In addition to my usual, I also proctored cos I'm a sucker. After my teaching, I saw Evelyn in the hall and she asked if I could proctor, at 1.40, apparently the prof had only asked her about it 2 hours prior. I agreed, and it turned out to be the easiest proctoring ever. All he needed me there for was the first and last 10 or so minutes, handing out and collecting tests.

I don't think I'm really gonna be doing much today, I've got my Quantum test tomorrow at 9AM, so I don't wanna do any more work today other than studying, but it's an open notebook test, so I don't even want to study.

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