Monday, June 23, 2008

It's me!

Yeah, it's been a while, but the week before last was hell:

First, on Wednesday, I decided to bake a loaf of bread using the Bake-A-Round that my parents gave me from the attic. There was a tiny ding in it, but it looked fine to use. Of course, being stupid, I tried to remove it from its metal holder while still hot and a chip came off, so I had to toss that out.

Second, on Friday, I thought that I would broil 2 italian sausages that I had in the fridge, using my toaster oven. After about 20-25 minutes, I heard a noise from the kitchen. Thinking that it was one (or both) of the sausages popping, I rushed out, only to discover the glass door and handle to the toaster oven shattered on the counter. Checking the warranty info in the manual informed me that glass parts are not covered.

Third, again on Friday, I went home. Once I parked in the driveway and turned off the car, I heard a gurgling noise. When I got out of the car, I noticed that there was a good amount of antifreeze on the driveway. This had happened once or twice before, so I didn't pay it much mind, and took the car down to the garage later. On Monday, the garage called and said that it was probably a head gasket, or one of the heads, and that they'd have to take the engine apart. In the end, the gasket looked bad and the head was warped. All in all, the repair bill came to $2345. Luckily for me, my parents are awesome, and are covering half the bill for me.

Finally, my dad got home from a fishing trip in Canada on Friday (after I got home). It seems that on Monday, he banged his shin getting out of the boat, and along with some bug bites (most likely) he not only had a large bruise, but also an extensive infection. Naturally, he went to the hospital on Saturday, where he had to stay until Tuesday or Wednesday. Again, luckily the infection didn't get into his blood, and he should be fine once he's through the antibiotics they gave him.

In other, non crappy, news, I have finished the first trilogy that was written in the Eberron world. It's an interesting universe, and makes a nice change from the Forgotten Realms, although I'm not giving up the realm quite yet, although it may come to that if the planned changes don't work out well.

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